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PP melt-blown extrusion machine
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1600mm Non woven PP melt blown Filter fabric making machine for PFE95+ Medical mask filter fabric
In many ways, its performance is better than similar products of traditional textiles. With the continuous development of post-processing technology, the application fields of melt-blown non-woven fabrics will be more extensive.
Mask filter fabric making machine/melt blown pp filter cartridge machine/pp filter cartridge making machine
Quality of Tongsan PP melt blown fabric making machine 1, The filtrability of PP melt blown fabric made by our machine can be more than PFE95+. 2, The fltrability of PP melt blown fabric made by our machine is very stably to be PFE95+ even tested after many days. 3, our machine can make stably production for high quality PP melt blown fabric with filtrability more than PFE95+

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