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Single wall corrugated pipe machine
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9-50mm SJ65 extruder high speed 30m/minute plastic single wall corrugated pipe machine
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Plastic Single-wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
This production line can be used to produce corrugated pipes of PE, PPEVA, PVC, PA continuously. Plastic single wall corrugated pipes have features of high temperature resistance, corosion and abrasion resistance, high intensity and good flexibility.
Compromise Joint Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
The compromise joint single wall corrugated pipe production line is self-developed on the basis of original single wall corrugated pipe machine.Suitable for PP,PE,EVA,PA etc material compromise joint corrugated pipe.The pipe is widely used in air-conditioner,washing machine,edical ventilaton,hookah,car,kitchen and toilet area etc,
High Speed Single-wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
High speed single wall corrugated pipe making machine can produce PE,PP,EVA, PVC, PA etc material single wall corrugated pipe continuously. We designed new technology, replace the traditional chain forming machine. The appearance and precision of single wall corrugated pipe hav improv gratly. The production line is driven by gears, and the mold runs in the track. It is equipped with an automatic lubrication system and a closed forced water cooling system to achieve high-speed production.

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