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High Output Waste PE PP Plastic and wood powder Granulating Making Machine Plant Production Line

SHMS series granulating machine is used for making WPC pellets. The WPC pellets produced by WPC granulating machine can used for making WPC product using WPC machine.The granulating machine consists of parallel double-screw extruder,water cooling system, a granulator and air conveyor cooling system.The feeder and hopper are equipped with mixer to prevent the material blocked up.If customer do not have strict requirements about the appearance of pellets, the granulator can be removed.The pellets extrude by extruder directly, then go for crusher. Can improve the production capacity. 


High Output Waste PE PP Plastic and wood powder Granulating Making Machine Plant Production Line

Parallel twin- screw granulating machine is composed of parallel twin- -screw extruder, granulating die head,granule cutting machine,three- grade air supplying system,) storage chamber.

PP PE Plastic Wood Powder Composite Granulating Machine

The parallel twin- screw adopts modular construction, with advantages of all gear- closing and strong self- cleaning. The barrel has a good exhaust effect. The bi-metal alloy bushing is of war- resistance and corrosion- -resistance. The machines can be combined free according to the characteristics of materials and production process, so it is widely use. Die head is made from high quality mould steel, under hard chrome plating treatment. The reasonable- distributed material running channel can ensure the uniform extrusion of the granules without mutual influence. The unique three-dimensional cooling structure and the new-type multi powerful blower cooling mode make the cooling effect better, Besides, the precise cutter ensures the even and smooth surface of the products. The speed frequency regulation meets different material granulating requirement. This production line has features of high production efficiency, low- -consumption, etc, especially applicable to the WPC granulating process.

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