Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.



  • Q: Why choose us?

    We are the first manufacturer in Qingdao to develop plastic extruders. We have 22 years of experience in mechanical manufacturing. What we pursue is machine quality and customer satisfaction. Please make sure that we have the strength to provide you with high-quality machines and perfect services.

  • Q: What service do we provide?

    Pre-sale communication

    Feasibility report

    Signing the contract

    Custom production

    Test the machine before shipping

    Parcel express

    Engineer installation

    Train operators

    Technical support

  • Q: Payment terms:

    30% of the total amount should be paid by wire transfer as a down payment, and the balance (70% of the total amount) should be paid (at sight) before the delivery of the wire transfer or irrevocable letter of credit.

  • Q: Delivery terms:

    4.1 Delivery terms: FOB Qingdao Port.

    4.2 Delivery deadline: within 30-60 working days after receiving the advance payment, the seller shall notify the buyer to inspect. The seller should complete the packaging of the goods within 15 working days after receiving the full payment and be ready for shipment.

    4.3 Supervised loading: The seller should inform the buyer of the exact loading time, and the buyer should arrange the scope of supervised loading.

  • Q: Warranty terms:

    5.1 Warranty period: 12 months from the first day of operation of the machine in the customer's warehouse

    5.2 The seller shall guarantee that the service and spare parts are free of charge during the entire equipment warranty period.

    5.3 LIFELONG service: After the 12-month warranty, the seller shall provide LIFELONG service for the sold goods, and the buyer shall pay for the required spare parts.

  • Q: Inspection:

    After the machine is completed, the seller should notify the buyer to inspect before delivery, and the seller guarantees that all the goods sold are of good quality. The seller does not bear the material cost of the machine inspection in the seller's factory.
    The buyer should come to the seller's factory for inspection, or the buyer can invite any third party to enter the seller's factory for inspection.

  • Q: Installation and equipment debugging:

    If the buyer needs it, the seller should send a team of technicians to the buyer's factory for full-line operation of installation and testing, and the buyer should lift the price of the entire food/location and group purchase information (aircraft, food,hotel, etc.), and charge the engineer 100 USD/day/engineer's cost.