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PP coroplast hollow corrugated sheet making machine
PP coroplast hollow corrugated sheet making machine
PP coroplast hollow corrugated sheet making machine
PP coroplast hollow corrugated sheet making machine
PP coroplast hollow corrugated sheet making machine
PP coroplast hollow corrugated sheet making machine
PP coroplast hollow corrugated sheet making machine
PP coroplast hollow corrugated sheet making machine
PP coroplast hollow corrugated sheet making machine
PP coroplast hollow corrugated sheet making machine

PP coroplast hollow corrugated sheet making machine

1, Professional manufacturer: Tongsan is professional manufacturer with rich experience for turnkey production line since 1997.

2, Widely applictaion: Tongsan has different models of PP flute sheet extrusion machine, the sheet width can be 1200-3000mm, the sheet thickness can be 2-12mm.

3, Long using life: Tongsan machine equips with high quality machine parts, the extruder screw is made by bimetallic material, the gearbox is hardgear type.

4, Low production cost:  Tongsan machine equips with special designed screw and barrel which can work for even 40-50% filler masterbatch

5, high production speed: Tongsan machine equip with high speed cooling calibration system, the calibrators are designed with both water cooling and vacuum cooling

6, high automatic: Tongsan machine equip with automatic feeding device, automatic cutting device, and automatic product stacker, with auto temperature control system, so Tongsan machine achieves to high automatic production.


PP coroplast hollow corrugated sheet making machine

Pp corrugated sheet is also called as PP hollow sheet, PP flute sheet, Coroplast sheet....

PP hollow corrugated sheet extrusion machine can produce the sheet with the width of 1200-3000mm. 

We can provide all the auxiliary machine for plastic pp hollow sheet to make box, 

such as edge sealing machine, die cutting machine, printing manchine, welding machinery etc.

The PP hollow sheet/corrugated sheet is widely used in fields of machinery, electron, appliance, food, advertising.
interior decoration material, glass, agricultural product etc packing and transporting.

PP Hollow Plate Extrusion line/ PP corrugated sheet manufacturing machine/ plastic corrugated box making machine

We have different models of PP corrugated sheet machine for making different width of final product, The complete PP corrugated sheet extrusion line includes the auto feeding device, high effective extruder, hydraulic screen changer, pp hollow sheet die head and calibrators, haul off machine, heating oven, cooling stacker, and automatic cutting machine.

Models of Pp corrugated sheet extrusion machine


Sheet width

Sheet thickness

Extruder Model

 Motor Power


























Detailed Images

Auto feeder: it will feed the PP material to the extruder automatically

Main extruder: single screw extruder with special designed screw for pp hollow sheet production, auto control for the temperature

Co extruder: it is an extruder for making the surface layer of pp corrugated sheet

Screen changer: it is automatic changing filter without leaking material and without stopping the machine, the filter changer is designed with four filters continously working in one machine

Die head: special designed high quality pp hollow corrugated sheet mold, it ensures stably production and high quality product

Calibrators: Tongsan calibrators for pp corrugated sheet making is special designed with fast cooling, so the production speed is also high, we can get 9m/minute speed for making 2mm thickness PP corrugated sheet

1st haul off : 6 pairs of rubber rollers for the pp hollow corrugated sheet product, special rubber material, with servo motor driving, tongsan haul off machine ensures the production to be stably and without damage the sheet surface

heating oven: 4 meters heating oven, it can be made in one part or two part as customer wants, the oven is made by stainless steel with auto temperature control

cooling device: fast air cooling stacker ensures the pp hollow corrugated sheet can be cooled in short time, so the sheet will not deformation

Corona treatment: high quality corona treatment ensure the pp hollow corrugated sheet can be printed good

2nd haul off: 3 pairs of rubber roller, with servo motor control

Auto length cutting

automatic cutter specially made for pp hollow corrugated sheet, with fix length cutting, auto counting function.

Plastic corrugated box making process

Processing for making PP packing box:
PP hollow sheet turnover box main material is a PP hollow sheet, and then after the pressure cut, torn edges, stitching, assembly and made of a series of processing flow.
Below is the example of processing for turnover box
1, the extrusion line produce the required PP hollow sheets with required width and thickness, and cut into required length. And collecting different sizes in different stacking.

2,Use the pressure cutting machine to cut the PP hollow sheet into required shape. Pressing action should be accurate, rapid,agile, and keep the board clean, in accordance with the provisions of a unified placed on the table.

3, the professional workers tear the extra edges according to the indentation from the pressure cutting machine, The tearing action should pay attention to the intensity. to ensure the board neat appearance, it is not allowed to produce flash and laceration because of strong tearing force.

4, stitching the two sheets by rivets, flat wire or welding, etc., the stitching seal can be sealed by fiber tape or glue or magic paste.

5, quality inspection. Quality inspection staff to perform full inspection, sampling, failure and other standard scrap process.

6, the qualified products will be packaged and stored, when folded, the packing box should be labeled and neatly put into storage.

The above is the whole process of making the turnover box from the PP hollow sheet. The turnover box made from PP hollow sheet has the advantages of light weight, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, flexural resistance, anti-aging, waterproof, moisture proof, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, , Can be reused repeatedly and a series of advantages, is a new type of green materials, logistics and packaging industry in the transport plays an important role in storage and turnover, can effectively protect the product from the external environment damage.

PP corrugated sheet application :

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